professional webhosting

Professional webhosting

When you are establishing your business on the world wide web, using high quality webhosting is essential. Your webhost is like the building in which your store or office is located. You want to make sure that people can easily and quickly reach it (high-speed servers), that it will rarely to never be closed (99.99% uptime), and that in case of a disaster everything is fully ensured and backed up (30-day full data backup in a remote location).

Many starting online enterpreneurs choose cheap shared webhosting for their sites, trying to cut costs. But in doing so they actually incur much higher costs. Losing customers because your site is too slow, unavailable at times, not fully functional or lost because of a disaster, is much more expensive than paying a few dollars more for quality webhosting.

If you hire SEOtope to develop your online marketing strategy, build your website or do your SEO and SEM, you can also use our top quality professional webhosting*. Hosting your website with SEOtope means you get the best of the best in hosting, meaning you never have to worry about your site being online. Our webhosting service has the following characteristics:

  • Modern fast servers with 15k RPM hard drives and RAID10 arrays, guaranteeing maximum throughput speed and little or no downtime in case of a hard drive failure.
  • 99.99% historical uptime.
  • Reserved dedicated bandwidth, guaranteeing you actually get the bandwidth you pay for.
  • Full backup of your data in a separate physical location, to safeguard your data even in case of a complete site failure.
  • Complete control over your files through cPanel.
  • The latest scripts and technologies to ensure that you can take full advantage of all functions you want to implement on your website.

* Extra costs apply.

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