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If you can't be found on Google, you might as well not exist. A bold statement, but one that rings more true every year. As broadband connections have become ubiquitous and 3G mobile internet is getting there, an ever increasing part of business leads are generated online.

Ask yourself: if you want to know something, buy something, or hire someone to do a job, what is the first place where you look? Most people will answer: Google! And then they will go on to click on one of the top-three organic (non-paid) search results. If you want your business to succeed, you have to be one of those first three results, preferably number one.

The good news: there are steps you can take to improve your ranking in Google. The bad news: so can your competitors (and most likely they are already doing so). The activities you undertake to get your website to rank higher in Google (or other search engines) is called 'Search Engine Optimization', or 'SEO' in short. Good SEO can be worth a fortune to your business in potential sales. Bad or no SEO can cost you a fortune in customers going to your competitors instead.

Do it yourself or hire an SEO consultant

SEO doesn't need to cost anything. All the resources that you need to learn how SEO works are available online for free. There are some commercial SEO courses or ebooks available, but in our experience they don't add much to the free stuff that's out there. All the basic tools that you need to do keyword research, gain competitor intelligence, set up your SEO strategy and optimize your website for the search engines, are free. Some tasks can be made easier with commercial SEO software, but you can do without it.

So if you're committed to doing your own SEO, you can. The one resource it will cost you is time, and a lot of it at that. It took our SEO specialists hundreds of hours to learn the basics, and then years of practice to perfect their craft. Also, it requires a constant time investment to stay up to date on the latest developments in the search engine field. And mistakes are costly: you might spend a lot of time and money to get links to your site, only to find out that they help you rank for a keyword that doesn't convert into sales. Or worse, you might pick up some practices that are frowned upon by Google, getting you banned from the search results altogether.

A good alternative is to hire an SEO consultant. A good SEO specialist can identify opportunities for you where your online marketing budget yields the highest results. He can help you turn your SEO into a comprehensive marketing strategy, spanning both the online and the offline workd.

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