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Domain names

A domain name is your business's home on the internet. Just like you would with your physical office or storefront, you want your domain name to look representative and attract new customers. Some domain names are great for this, others aren't. Do you already have a great domain name? If not, take a look at our list of available domains, or keep reading...

Why a good domain name matters

Imagine that you are searching for a new mortgage on your house. You type 'best mortgages' into your favorite search engine and get the following two results on top: and Which one looks more reliable to you? Most people will answer: the first one. That is because it is a short, on-topic domain name in a well-respected top-level-domain (.com). The average internet user would be much more inclined to do business with the people behind than with those behind

If you're a mortgage lender, this will heavily affect the success of your business. Since so much business is generated online these days, having that good, respectable domain name will yield a lot of extra revenue. Moreover, good domain names perform better in the search engines (learn more about search engine optimization here). So not only are people more likely to business with you, also a lot more people will be able to find you in the first place if you have a good domain name.

...most of the world's best
domain names are taken...

There is a catch: most of the world's best (or even reasonably good) domain names are taken. Even if their owners are willing to part with them, they won't do so for free. As an example, was sold to Citibank in 2000... for 1.8 million dollars! (And it's likely worth a lot more today.) The domain is still free (at the time of writing) and can be registered for just $14.99.

How to find a good domain name

Finding a good domain name for your business is often a trade-off between quality and cost. While you may not have millions lying around to spend on internet real estate, you don't have to limit yourself to the leftovers that nobody though interesting enough to register either. Often you can buy a real high quality domain name for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. That is an investment that can easily pay itself back through increased online leads and sales.

So what are the factors that make a domain better (and more expensive)?

  • The quality of the keywords contained in the domain name;
  • The quality of the top-level-domain (TLD);
  • The length of the name (shorter is better);
  • The ease of pronunciation and memorization;
  • The absence of hyphens (-) in the domain;
  • The absence of superfluous words like 'the' or 'e-'.

Considering these factors, you understand why is such a strong (and expensive) domain name. But if you're a mortgage lender, how about That name is taken, but (at the time of writing) someone has only parked a dummy site on it. That usually means they are willing to sell. That domain could be yours for around $10,000 - $20,000 (or less, if the owner won't drive a hard bargain).

Obtaining the perfect domain

This is all nice and well, but there are millions of possible keyword combinations over a few dozen TLDs, owned by many thousands of companies, and traded through many online platforms. How do you actually find a suitable name in that chaos? The harsh truth is: it isn't easy. You can browse through lists of fore-sale domains such as and, but many of the best names out there aren't even listed.

It takes many hours of research to select keywords and find domains that are for sale. And then you'll have to track down the owner of the domain you want and negotiate a price, without getting ripped off. If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you run the very real risk of paying through the nose only to discover later that you've bought a lemon.

Hire a professional domain name consultant

That's why it might not be a bad idea to hire a professional to help you in the process. I am such a professional. I have been in the domain name business for years and have developed a solid grasp of the online real estate market. Also, my background in business administration and my experience as an affiliate marketer enable me to understand your business and what would work well for it. Here's what I can do for you:

  • Select good potential domain names based on the nature of your business;
  • Discover which domain names are available for sale and who is selling them;
  • Negotiate a good deal for you with the seller;
  • Facilitate the transfer of the domain to you;
  • Help build your online business on the domain.

Would you like some solid advice on getting the perfect domain name? I invite you to contact me through the contact form or to write me an email at info @ seotope . com. I take all requests seriously. Even if we can't come to doing business I might be able to give you a tip or two for free.

Buy a quality domain name that is ready to go

Aside from advising you in your quest for a good domain name, I also have a portfolio of quality domain names that are ready for use. Some of these domains even have a ready-made content website on them with inbound links. By obtaining one of these domains, not only do you get a great and well-recognizable name, but also a head start on your competitors in marketing your products. View my portfolio of available domain names here.

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